Different S3x Positions To Spice Up Your Marriage

Every marriage has its ups and downs, happy and sad moment, and moments of boredom where one or both partners require a little bit of spice to bring back the excitement you felt right in the beginning.

It’s absolutely normal, so don’t panic. The good news is you can absolutely bring the life back into your relationship by exploring different se.x positions to spice up your marriage.

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All you need is two willing individuals who want to have fun and enjoy exploring each other as if it’s the first time. Yes, things may have changed.

Your body may not look the same, things have probably shifted in opposite directions, and you most likely acquired a few extra wrinkles and sun spots with the years.

However, your needs are still there. So don’t dismiss a decline of se.xual intimacy as a normal part of any marriage. It doesn’t have to be.

You can spice up your marriage with different se.x positions designed to keep both parties entertained and interested after years of being with one person. Try them. They’re fun!

1) The love seat

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