My Boyfriend Is Boring – What Should I Do?

Ever caught yourself thinking “my boyfriend is boring”? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us because let’s face it: after a while, the excitement fades.

In the beginning of a relationship we’re fascinated by the new person in our life and just scoring a date with him is like winning the lottery.

After some time going to the movies, AGAIN, doesn’t seem all that breathtaking. And if your boyfriend isn’t the most imaginative type you can fall into habits that are far from exciting. In this article, I give you some ideas for how to spice up your relationship again and make things more interesting!

Date nights

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We all want our boyfriends to come up with the ultimate date night. Unfortunately, they aren’t always super imaginative and what they consider a great date night isn’t necessarily what you consider a great date night.

The first thing to do is to have a chat about date nights – what you both consider romantic, as well as things you think would be fun to explore together, be it hiking, or going to a museum. If you don’t know what you like it’s hard to create dates around it.

Secondly, you can start alternating with who comes up with what to do for the date.

Day-to-day life can make it hard to go on elaborate dates, so most weeks you might opt for dinner at home, a restaurant, or a movie, but decide that once every other week, or once a month one of you comes up with something more lavish, be it a weekend away, a fun activity in the city, or something very special at home, like a spa night where you pamper each other, or one of you gets pampered by the other.

If you want you can also create a date night jar where you put ideas for date nights that you then pull at random, or you have one jar each and pull from each other.


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