How To Find A Boyfriend In College or Univeristy

Study outside your dorm

If you’re wondering how to find a boyfriend in college, a good place to start is to simply look around. Get out of your dorm – take your books and study in the library, in the park, or at the coffee shop. Not only do cute guys study all over college, they also have jobs there. It might turn out that your barista is hotter than any guy you’ve ever met.

Maybe it’s not always conducive to do “heavy” studying out amongst people if you’re easily distracted, but you can do things like reading course material or more simple homework tasks.

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If you want to encourage guys to walk up to you, be sure to smile at them when your eyes meet, avoid wearing headphones and sit by yourself, as opposed to surrounded by five girlfriends. Men don’t usually approach women if they’re in a group as they feel intimidated.

If you are in a group and want someone to approach you, establish eye contact and smile a few times and then go somewhere where you’re alone for a few minutes. Like pick up a coffee, or check out a book on the bookshelf. That will give him an opportunity to approach you.

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