How to Dress for A First Date (For Guys & Girls)

How to dress for a first date? Most connections are based on an arrangement of first impressions, and a first date is a prime chance to forge a stronger association with anyone. While its not a precise science, but get started picking the correct attire for your first date.

(A) How to Dress for a First Date (For Guys)

1.) Dress According to Event to Dress for a First Date

Dress to match the event to dress for a first date. Clearly, you’re not going to wear a tuxedo to go on a climb, so make sure you know what’s proper for your first date.  You will perhaps aim to make a good impression on your date and dressing improperly is a sure way not to impress!

For casual dating like going to a movie, or out for coffee, pick clean jeans that are in good condition or casual dress jeans and a nice T-shirt or button down shirt. In the event that you usually wear a hoodie, or holey jeans, keep them in the wardrobe and take your attire up a notch. You want to make it somewhat unique regardless of the possibility that its a casual first date.

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It’s good to stay away from all black groups (unless you’re going on a pantomime date or a goth date) and boring, quieted colors. Try to add a bit of color to your outfit, nothing super bright and showy like flame motor red or fluorescent colors. Try for gem tones: emerald green, cobalt blue, maroon, even dark purple in case you’re brave.

In case you’re doing something less casual like a fancy ar something a little more formal or semi-formal. You can opt for slacks in black or charcoal and a nice button down. In case you’re brave, perhaps wear a vest. You probably don’t have to wear a tie and a suit coat unless you’re going to one of the fancier restaurants nearby.

In case you’re dressing up a bit, ensure you have a good pair of black dress shoes to run with your attire. On the off chance that the date is more casual, wear a nice pair of slip-ons or clean tennis shoes. Crisp bands and a clammy paper towel can make your ordinary tennis shoes more date-commendable.

A good semi-casual outfit would be nice jeans, a gem tone sweater over an essential button-down. Include a pair of casual shoes and you’re good to go!


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