Nigerian Ladies : See How To Get Your Virginity Back After You Lose It

Restoration of virginity ( reconstruction)

Yes, restoration of virginity is a booming market in places like United Kingdom, United States, and Japan and on the Indian sub-continent, and report says its gradually entering Nigeria.

The procedure is known as ‘h.ymenoplasty’ or ‘hy.menorrhaphy and it involves raising a small flap of v.aginal lining, so that there appears to be a h.ymen again. The procedure is expected to creates a small obstruction which when broken, is expected to bleed slightly and the man wouldn’t have the faintest idea whether a female is virgin or not!

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Why do women want to restore their virginity?

In many cultures, an important determinant of family honour is the chastity of women. So it’s very important for a young woman to appear to be a virgin when she gets married. The traditional proof of virginity is bleeding when h.ymens are broken, during a woman’s first s.exual intercourse. Women, including brides whose virginity is not proven at marriage would face humiliation, and in some cases ostracism, divorce, and violence. So women would want to revirginize to make a statement of high chastity.

Another reason is when a woman loses her virginity through rape and s.exual abuse; she would want to restore her virginity to buy back her innocence.


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